About Me

Hi, I’m Ray Harries…..

and I’ve been playing around on the Internet for more years than I care to remember.

I ran a run a bricks and mortar business in the offline world for 20-odd years. (It was a car repair business, thank you for asking). It was a great business and provided a good income. We had a good reputation and great repeat business.

Well, eventually it became too much for my old bones, so I turned my hand to other things. I tried real estate, car sales (ugh!) and ended up involved in installing Cat 5 cabling – you know, the cables that connect your office computer to the main server.

Having left all that behind me I’ve returned to doing what I’ve always enjoyed the most. Yes that’s right – playing around on the Internet.

In all the years I’ve been online I’ve accumulated quite a store of knowledge and if I can share that and help other people then I would be a happy man.


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