If You’re an Affiliate Marketer, You NEED these Tools!

There is a proverb that goes, “A bad workman always blames his tools.” Why he does that is anyone’s guess… maybe he is hot tempered or maybe his tools are argumentative. Whatever the case, tools are crucial for both cantankerous workmen and SUCCESSFUL affiliate marketers. Have you heard of the super affiliate who uses free hosting […]

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Do You Need a Website for Affiliate Marketing?

Do You Need a Website for Affiliate Marketing? The thought of setting up a website often strikes fear into the heart of many beginner marketers. In fact, many prefer to do affiliate marketing without setting up a website. Their plan is to direct traffic directly to their affiliate link which will then lead to the […]

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Discover Why Not Having an Autoresponder Will Hurt Your Affiliate Campaigns

Saying that not having an autoresponder will hurt your affiliate campaign would be an understatement. The truth of the matter is that without an autoresponder, your chances of success are slim and even if you do achieve some modicum of success, you will leaving a lot of money on the table… and no smart affiliate […]

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Discover How to Choose the Right Niche for your Affiliate Campaigns

There is absolutely no doubt that choosing the right niche can make or break your affiliate marketing dream. There are millions of niches out there. Some are profitable and others are nothing more than a waste of time and effort. On the surface, it may seem like child’s play to choose a niche. Just look […]

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REVEALED: Why All Top Sites Use This “Trick”… + How To Do The Same In 30 Seconds

REVEALED: Why All Top Sites Use This “Trick”… + How To Do The Same In 30 Seconds Mark Hess and Michael Thomas,two of the most prolific software designers in the IM marketplace, have come up with another winning piece of software that will let the “little” man compete with the industry giants. It’s called WP […]

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